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Local Services

The elevation of Dixon NM is 6028 feet [1037 meters] above sea level . When coming here from lower altitudes, please be aware of the altitude adjustment you will need to make.

This facility is in a location that has limited facilities for health problems. We are at 6,000 + feet altitude. We have a clinic about four miles away that is open Monday through Friday. We have a good volunteer fire department with EMT and ambulance service. The nearest hospital is approximately twenty-five miles away in either direction. We are not without service, but we cannot compare to city service. If you have significant health problems, please consult your personal physician as to the safety of being in this altitude in this location. Remember to bring a sufficient supply of your medications for your stay.

Telephone and Cell Service
Dixon and the Embudo Valley area now has good cell phone coverage for most carriers. Your phone should be useable at Mission Embudo and in the surrounding areas. There are a few blackout spots along State Road 68 as you drive towards Taos.

Grocery Stores
Dixon boasts a thriving local Co-op, the Dixon Community Market: http://www.dixonmarket.com/. It is within easy walking distance of Mission Embudo and you can get most of your essential groceries there. It offers organic and conventionally-grown produce, bread and baked goods, bulk foods and coffee, as well as bio-regionally raised meats, including beef, chicken, turkey, bison and yak.

Zuly's Cafe (open mid-Feb thru December) is owned and operated by Dixon native Chalako Chilton. The menu features a wide variety of items, most using locally sourced ingredients. Friendly atmosphere and a locals' gathering spot, Zuly's is East on SR75 within walking distance from the Mission.

Sugar Nymphs Bistro is on SR75 in Penasco, about a 15 minute drive. Chef/owners Ki and Kai make everything from scratch, and the desserts are legendary. Sugar Nymphs is housed in a former theatre, also home to Wise Fool New Mexico's Penasco Theatre Collective.

Farmers' Market
Dixon has one of the largest populations of organic farmers in NM. Each Wednesday during the summer from 4:30-7pm, you can explore the market. Here you will find the finest, freshest produce anywhere, plus bedding plants, flowers, herbs, homemade tamales, tortillas, jams, jellies, pies, bread and much more. With over 50 different vendors over the course of the season, you are sure to find what you need as well wonderful surprises! The Farmers' Market takes place in front of the Co-op.

Library/WiFi Hotspot
Dixon NM also has a library with computers on broadband available to the public and is a WiFi hotspot you can use with your own wireless laptop connection. The Library is located next door to the Co-op.

Dixon even has its own radio station. KLDK is a low-power broadcasting station ("96.5 on your FM dial") located in in the Co-op building. KLDK is run entirely by a volunteer staff and is funded primarily through fund raisers. KLDK's license is held by the Embudo Valley Community Library. KLDK features a wide variety of Spanish and Anglo programing.

The substantial number of artists and craftspeople living in the area led to the 1982 creation of the Dixon Studio Tour. The oldest continually operating Sutdio Tour in Nex Mexico, it brings about 10,000 visitors to town every year during ther first weekend in November. There are three year-round galleries in the area, Metier Fiber Art, located across the street from the Mission, and Rare Earth and Rift Gallery Contemporary Art, both located on Hwy 68 2.3 miles north of the SR75 turn-off. Many area artists' studios are also open by appointment; visit (www.dixonarts.org/) to find artists, their work and contact info.

La Chiripada (http://www.lachiripada.com/) and Vivác Winery (www.vivacwinery.com/) are two of the fine area wineries, both located in Dixon.